Premium Personal Training

in a Fun, Safe & Friendly Environment




Semi Private Group Training at EXCAPE is the greatest step you can take to invest in your health and fitness. The guidance of EXCAPE and our expert coaching service will provide you with the education and empowerment you require to hit your goals and get the results you desire in a positive safe, fun and friendly training environment.


Learn more about our 28-day trial below and find out for yourself what EXCAPE can do for you. 


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Join EXCAPE and train with our highly educated expert coaches who have 50+ years experience in the fitness industry coaching clients of all ages and abilities.



The Small Group Personal Training sessions at EXCAPE offer you the opportunity to afford premium personal training by spiltting the cost of each session with the four people attending each session.



When you join EXCAPE you will receive a complimentary welcome pack which includes your own Superband, miniband, pen and backpack along with an (optional) MYZONE Heart rate monitor which captures your training data and links to our in house EXCAPE MYZONE training systems.



EACH Client has a training pod / zone which are over 2m apart

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Each Client training at EXCAPE will be accompanied with a personal cleaning kit for equipment throughout each and every session.

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The Coaches at EXCAPE wear Masks & Snoods at all times during the coaching sessions and while on the EXCAPE premises.

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HAND SANITISER located at every Training Pod

There is unlimited supply of sanitiser for personal use anytime throughout clients workouts.



Every client will get an in depth Body Composition scan and will receive an insight into their starting point in relation to muscle to fat analysis detailing how much muscle and how much body fat they currently have at the start of their EXCAPE journey. The EXCAPE Coaches will guide each and every client towards meeting some short term and long term strategic goals based off the benchmark report generated on Day one at EXCAPE.



The EXCAPE Coaches will guide each and every client through the progress report and explain the progress made in relation to fat loss or muscle gain. Segmental muscle mass analysis and segmental fat mass analysis is provided through the EXCAPE inBody270 System. Clients will have a profile created on the EXCAPE INBODY system for the duration of their journey at EXCAPE.

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Health & Fitness does not come with an age limit. We meet you where you are at. We empower each member of our Excape community to become the best version of themselves. Whether you are 18 or 80, never trained before or an elite athlete, Excape is ready to bring out the best in you.



This will be the best step you can take to invest in your health and fitness. Have a dedicated coach and a community of like-minded people support you every step of the way. Our sessions will empower you to be the best version of yourself.



Our Studio's open for training at 6AM and close at 9PM. EXCAPE members can book their training sessions in advance through the EXCAPE APP.



Along with Premium personal Training at EXCAPE, Joinung will offer many other benefits like seasonal challenges, seminars, workshops, online support and joining a community with a purpose. Get started today.

Meet the team

Our dedicated, friendly and professional personal trainers are with you every step of the way

Gerry Barnes
I originally signed up for the 30 day trail and was very impressed with the friendly atmosphere and the attention to detail in showing the various exercises. The guys and gals are very welcoming and conscious of the various levels of ability and tailor each exercise to suit you. At the same time they will push you to improve so that you are definitely not just going through the motions each week. I have been a member now for almost two months and am definitely feeling the benefits already
Rita Mcquillan
Just finished the 30 Day Challenge at EXCAPE. I’m a tad over 60 yrs!!!..need to strengthen & condition the bones @muscles—improve my flexibility I suppose! Here at EXCAPE the workout sessions,under the guidance of a great team of coaches, are varied, hands-on demonstrated every move explained.All exercises are relative to my goal. The coaches work at your level..but somehow seem to get that extra 10% out of you (a 10% I thought I never had!!!...Great fun........
Ian Gunn
I recently joined EXCAPE upon the recommendation of a friend and I can safely say its one of my best investments to date. The staff and members are extremely friendly and genuinely want the best version of everybody to prevail. Its not you're average gym by any means, the guys genuinely care and are extremely passionate about what they do and about their members well being. As both a training facility and as a business, EXCAPE has a very bright future ahead. I personally will be here for the long term and would highly recommend EXCAPE to anyone
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Roisin O Reilly
Just started with EXCAPE and nearly finished my 30day Challenge. Excited to sign up again. Very personal and most of all they really look at your technique to make sure you’re doing it right. I already see great results and I’m excited to keep training with them. The team are really friendly and not intimidating place what so ever.
Aidan Ryan
Going the last two months in a team capacity. The lads have been brilliant. Training has been very professional and well organised. The lads aren’t interested in any quick fixes and are fully focused on long term health and well-being which has been great to see. Highly recommend any teams looking to improve their strength and conditioning to give the lads a try.
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Aoife Divilly
"Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life." – Amy P There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure environment to train; I have found this at excape. It has been one of the best places to turn to when you are having a bad day. Each coach helps you reach your goals and encourages you to go that little bit further until you feel unstoppable..

What can Excape do for you?

  • Provide a cost-effective Personal Training service (Avail of all the benefits associated with Personal Training at a reduced cost)
  • Provide a flexible timetable which allows you to fit your training into your lifestyle (Book your sessions at ease, to suit you, through our EXCAPE app)
  • Provide a high quality coaching service with a dedicated trainer who will meet you where you’re at and help you in reaching your goals
  • Provide a fun, friendly and supportive environment that will provide you with an EXCAPE from your busy and stressful life
  • Provide a dedicated team of coaches who can meet you where you are at and guide you to moving and training correctly with no training experience required

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