WFH – Fruit, veg & boredom eating!

Following on from our previous blog, we mentioned that our incredibly knowledgeable partners at Nutrikate would be bringing some useful nutrition tips to our Excape community on a bi-weekly basis.

To kick it off, check out the blog below. Enjoy the read!

Fruit and veg, boredom eating and news!

Over the last couple of weeks, since we last spoke to you, we’ve been busy with new clients, online seminars and creating content for our blog. Kate, our founder, was also named on Sport for Business’ 30 under 30 list which is kinda cool. You can check that out here!

Looking forward to today, Lisa is providing you with some tips around improving your fruit and veggie intake and Kate is coming to you with tips around boredom eating. Enjoy!

Fruit and Veggies with Lisa…

At the moment the days may seem bland and it can be difficult to inject variety into our life. Over the coming weeks let’s look to improve the overall nutrient density of our diet. We can start by injecting a little colour onto our plate by using a variety of fruit and vegetables. Not only will this help to boost the flavour in your meals but it will also help to support your immune system. All fruit & vegetables contain important vitamins & minerals for our body however diversity is important. For example, sweet potatoes and red peppers are good plant-based sources of beta-carotene (converted to vitamin A in the body!), while spinach and dried fruit (apricots/raisins) are good plant-based sources of iron. Fruit & veg are packed with fibre so including a variety has also been recommended to maintain a healthy gut. An easy way to start increasing your intake is by including vegetables in your lunch and dinner. For those struggling with textures or the way certain vegetables look, try to disguise them by adding fruit or veg to a smoothie or by blitzing a curry/bolognese sauce to create a smooth consistency. For your main meals a good rule of thumb to follow is that fruit/vegetables should account for half of the meal. There are so many fruit & vegetables out there so if you don’t like one, try another and remember variety is the spice of life!

Lisa ?

Boredom eating, the struggle is real…

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been getting asked a lot about boredom eating and how it’s a real problem for people. Does this sound like you? “The cupboards are talking to me”, that sound more like you? Hopefully the below tips can help you manage your urge to use eating as a means of distraction.

  • Plan ahead – being prepared makes it’s easier to stick to your normal routine and structure
  • Avoid buying highly palatable foods that you wouldn’t normally have in your home – it is a lot harder to resist an extra helping of cake than it is some chopped peppers!
  • Avoid mindless eating. What this means is that when you’re eating you’re always engaged, taking account of what you are consuming. This means that you want to avoid eating when you’re watching TV/ scrolling on your phone
  • Aim to be more mindful – do you want to consume whatever is in front of you or are you doing so out of habit?
  • If possible, try not to have your home office in the kitchen
  • Can you distract yourself some other way? For example, go for a short walk, listen to a podcast?
  • Give yourself a time limit. When that time limit passes do you still feel hungry?

The above are hopefully some useful tips to help you navigate one new challenge you might be facing. If you’re struggling with managing your appetite it can be down to other elements too like poor sleeping patterns or food choices but we’ll leave those for another day!

Kate ?

Thanks for the read! We shall chat to you again in two weeks time ?

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The NutriKate team

Did you know…

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Stay safe everyone.

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