High Performance

Happy Tuesday Guys! We hope you’re having a fantastic week so far. We are back with our Bi-Weekly Nutrition blog from our partners at Nutri-Kate. This week’s topic is High Performance (not just for athletes before you disregard this!) Check it out below.

We hope you are all keeping well! Today, we’re going to talk about high performance. Enjoy!

High Performance, where we all fall down…

Performance. You thought of an athlete, didn’t you? That’s a very common reaction. However, performance extends further than that. Each and every day we need to perform as human beings. We need to function, communicate, concentrate, move, deligate, deal with adversity, the list goes on. That list is also different for each of us. We lead different lives with different responsibilities. That fact might sound obvious but it is often overlooked. We try to conform to the expectations or ideologies of others,  not recognising and ignoring the fact that it is wreaking havoc in our own lives. That it is undermining our own efforts to advance.

Taking care of our diet to optimise our health and performance as the humans we are, is extremely important. Recognising the areas that we can improve upon, improvements that are easy to obtain, that will add to our life in a positive manner and not in the form of stress. You are an individual and when it comes to your health, wellbeing and optimal performance, your diet needs to emulate that too.

Once you get comfortable with that idea and start to question and understand what is and isn’t working for you, things begin to get easier. So, get comfortable.

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