Carbs & Birthdays!

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Carbs and birthdays…

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Well, NutriKate turns 3 on this Sunday so we’ll tell you how that can benefit you. Lisa is also going to pick up where she left off and finish up her piece on carbohydrates.

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Our 3rd birthday…

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Carbohydrates part 2 coming at you!

Let’s pick up from where we left off the other week. 😊
Let’s kick it off looking at training and what that means for carbohydrate intake.
It is important to recognize what type of high-intensity exercise requires increased carbohydrate consumption. For example, a mixed meal (containing carbohydrates, protein, and fat) will provide sufficient energy for a 60-minute weight session however an increase in carbohydrates is recommended for a 60-90 minute pitch session.
So what can you do to improve variety?
  • Opt for brown/wholemeal alternatives where possible as these contain more fibre, increasing the nutrient density of the food!
  • Alter your sources – are you a pasta/bread fiend? While pasta and bread are both excellent sources of carbohydrates they are not as nutrient-dense as some of the other options e.g rice/potatoes. Switching up your sources every so often means you get nutrients that one offers compared to another e.g. sweet potato contains more vitamin A than quinoa, which has more iron per 100g.


I hope you enjoyed that carbohydrate series and it has helped you to understand your carbohydrate needs a little better.
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