A Bit of Carbs and Life

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A bit of carbs and life…


We hope the last couple of weeks have been serving you well. For those who watched Kate’s takeover on Excape’s Instagram last week, we hope you enjoyed it because she definitely did!

This week Lisa, is going to draw your attention to carbohdyrates while Kate is going to look at some take homes she took from a webinar she attended last week around minding your noggin in these changing times.

As always, we hope you enjoy!

My learnings…

With all of the changes of late, it can get a little overwhelming. Business is tricky at the best of times and in these times, that’s certainly been taken up a notch. While this webinar was shaped around those in business but I think some of my learnings can be used in realtion to life in general and goals we set or the way we treat ourselves. So I hope one or two pieces resonate with and stand to you too. ❤
  • Let go of perfection: We can debilitate ourselves by trying to be perfect but is there even such a thing? Do your best.
  • Narrow your focus: This can be applied to many areas but looking at diet for example, if we try to change everything at once we probably won’t succeed. Pick your low hanging fruit and chip away at them. Baby steps.
  • You are an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely…
  • Stop being your worst critic. Be kind to yourself, know that you are good enough.
  • Audit your self talk. Something I touched on th other week in my stories. The language we use when talking to ourselves can evoke a lot of negative emotions so choose that language carefully and make it habitual.
  • Take things day by day. Trying to speculate what might lie ahead can put up barriers and instill fear. Taking each day as it comes and closing each day as it ends helps us to continue to move forward.
My favourite take-home of the day was actually a quote: ‘An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal’ by Victor Frankl. These times are testing and different and feeling off from time to time is ok.
I hope you something there stands out to you and is helpful in some way!
Kate 🍍

Carbs, carbs, carbs…

Instead of leaving all of the carbohdyrate nuggets of information at your door this week, I’ve divided my piece into 2 parts, so you’ll have wait for part 2 for another 2 weeks – sorry!
Continuing on the topic of nutrient density, let’s touch on carbohydrates!
There are carbohydrates in lots of foods, however I’m going to talk specifically about starchy carbohydrates. Foods that fall under this umbrella include bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and oats to name a few!
Often carbohydrates and weight gain might be heard in the same sentence. However, because of their palatable nature it is overconsumption of these foods rather than the foods themselves that cause weight gain. An important factor to consider when trying to determine carbohydrate intake is activity levels. Intake should be adjusted based on activity levels. For example, a sedentary 25-year old adult will require less carbohydrates than a 25-year old who plays inter county football.
In terms of performance, carbohydrates are our main fuel source during high-intensity exercise. Before an intense training session, have an additional portion of carbohydrates in your pre-training meal. This will help to provide fuel for this activity. A good visual aid to use when measuring your portion of carbohydrates is your fist. 1 fist = 1 portion of carbohydrates.
We’ll look at variety in the coming newsletter but to give you the inside scoop – they are not the devil! ☺
Lisa 🍍
Seeya Later

Thanks for the read guys! Wishing you and yours a safe and wonderful week!

Much love,

The NutriKate Team!

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Stay safe everyone.

The Excape Team💫