Is your metabolism damaged?

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This week, Kate talks us through a term that some of you may be familiar with, and some of you may not ‘Metabolic Damage’. Keep reading to find out if your metabolism is ‘damaged’. Definitely worth a read!


What’s the story with metabolic damage?

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We hope you all had a lovely weekend. Today we wanted to touch on a common term that crops up from time to time; metabolic damage. Have you heard of it?


Metabolic damage, is it something I need to be concerned about?


Metabolic damage is a term that sometimes get interchanged with starvation mode, a term we looked at in our previous email and one you now hopefully recognise as being defunct. Metabolic damage suggests that by restricting your calories significantly for a period of time can cause damage to your metabolism. Your metabolism is a host of chemical reactions that keep us alive so it’s important it’s operating as it should.
You might have guessed it, similar to starvation mode, metabolic damage isn’t a thing. Phew, I hear you say! However, metabolic adaptation is most certainly something that can occur when we go through long periods of being in a calorie deficit. Here, our body becomes more efficient at completing its daily tasks and exercise. Essentially we burn less energy to complete tasks each day that before might have been more taxing in energy for us. Other changes that might also be seen is that we fidget less, our body’s way to save some energy for other needs and we probably feel hungry more often.
The good news is, metabolic adaptation is something we can offset. This can be achieved by increasing our calorie intake for a few days over the course of your weight loss efforts. Going through long bouts of being in a calorie deficit can be challenging mentally as well as anything else and as you now can see, our body will respond to it too.

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